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it's a dangerous game this vicaring business..

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I think I'll get me some protection....


Phil 8)


WHEN the Rev Ann Douglas retired as vicar of St John the Evangelist, her parishioners organised a farewell tea party.


Sadly the event did not proceed in the spiritual and genteel manner one might expect: it came to an abrupt end when a senior vicar of the diocese was punched in the face and had a soft drink poured over his head.


The Rev Jon Honour was forced to follow the Christian teaching of turning the other cheek after the attack by an angry supporter of Mrs Douglas.


After four years as the vicar of Woodley, Berkshire, she had announced her retirement, supposedly on the ground of ill health. In a parting sermon, however, Mrs Douglas, 56, said she had been undermined, bullied, intimidated and harassed during her tenure.


One parishioner blamed Mr Honour, who is now acting priest-in-charge of the church. As about 100 guests enjoyed tea and sandwiches, the unnamed man landed several thumps on Mr Honour’s head.


A guest said: “It was such a shock — you don’t expect that at a vicar’s tea party. After the reverend was hit all hell broke loose. One old lady started grappling the other man’s face and told him off.”


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I read that article Phil, earlier in the week. Truly shocking! Sadly, churches are no better than any other place for inflated egos and we all know it; but it's a shame when it hits the papers. Church people are as human as non-church people and although they may strive to do the right thing, they do not always succeed. :(

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