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Book recycling

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I am a lazy bod and know that discussed somewhere here about books is a way that they get recelycled (kind of freecycled)


We want to get hold of a copy of the Veterinary Formulary (basically a book of drugs you can give to animals).


This will help us and all our friends when it comes to what your vet prescribes and the appropriate uses and charges! (Am I implying that vets rip us off?)


If any of you are in these kind of things can you do a quick search. The book new costs around £75 which is a tad pricey!!


Thanks peeps




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I wonder if vets have their own version of the BNF or MIMs, which are continually updated and the older versions are just thrown away :? . In which case I'd imagine a friendly vet would let you have an old copy.

I doubt that one of these would be as comprehensive as the very expensive sounding Formulary, but you never know :?

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