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Did anyone else catch this TV programme tonight? I only saw it because the Evening Standard had a column "Cheap chicken has more fat than a Big Mac", and referenced the statement to this programme. But we have strictly enforced computer quotas in this house, so I couldn't come online to alert you all :oops::oops: (I've got the 9-10pm slot tonight :oops::oops::shock: - hubby's got the late one :shock: )

Anyway, it was quite an interesting programme- I've just learned how to carve meat, and if you carve the wrong way your meat can taste really tough even if it isn't, go with the fibres!

The big interest for me was looking at chicken meat production, battery/ free range/ RSPCA freedom food. I'm still all for free range, and it certainly came across as the best option, but it suggested that freedom food was an acceptable alternative without prohibitive prices and showed the chickens lifestyles in all 3 options. I don't want to mention battery conditions :twisted: .

But because battery chooks are fed on a high cal diet to maximise breast meat production they are actually a very fatty and unhealthy option, also they get no exercise so there is no muscle development, and no flavour.

Of course, this is all refuted by the chief poultry advisor to the NFU, but he would, wouldn't he :roll:

It's all good news in educating the public though :)

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I felt the programme didn't go far enough but i suppose it was a cookery programme and not an expose on factory farming :roll:


I was more amazed that the female presenter then prodeeded to cook 'better' chicken in such a way as to make it fatty and unhealthy. It was making me feel very queasy just to watch and am glad I didn't have to taste it. :?

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Missed programme, but its reminded me.

We have a local farm which used to be open as a day out when my older ones were little, about 15 years ago. Although I was shocked and uneasy about the pig keeping (which was not even very intensive by some comparisons) and the facts of milk production/calves etc, I was really pleased that it was factual, & if we eat the products we should see it how it is.

It then closed & re-opened & is a "wonderful" family day out. Lots of baby animals, guinea pigs & rabbits to stroke. A few animals in fields, and panning for gold(!) Not a sign of any true farming. Musn't upset anyone. Very disappointing to me.

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