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One Man Banned


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Well I was a silly billy last night.


My days on the forum are numbered from here on in - not least that we go on holiday to Snowdonia at the weekend (and still haven't booked a site yet) but I did something that has left me very annoyed.


I broke the screen on my Laptop!


Very silly I know but in closing the lid I forgot to take the mini mouse I use out of the way and the inevitable "CRACK" was something that made me shudder.


Not such a problem I suppose but when we are away the Laptop serves as a TV, DVD, DAB Radio, FM Radio, Games Console and a chance to sort things out like letters that need doing that we don't have time to do otherwise!


No worry though, I have insurance on the thing so called to arrange it to be sorted and got the most rude kid EVER on the phone.


"I'll have to call you back tomorrow to sort this out as we close at 2000"

this was at 1940


As I bought it for business use I am supposed to get a replacement laptop and mentioned this as we neared the end of the call


MTC "This is covered under Business Performance and I see here that.."

KID!" I suppose you want the replacement laptop?"

MTC " Well yes, actually as I have paid for the service!"

KID " They're on a subject to availability basis so I'll put a request through it may be about a week"


I advised that it said nothing about Subject to..... in my paperwork so I expect one.


It could take up to two weeks for a replacement screen (if he can find the relevant part for the laptop) Theres no date that he can give as to when the technician can sort this out until they have the part - so he asks me what address I will be at to do the job.


Well I don't know until I know a day - was met with


KID "I need an explicit address to take for the technician to go to"

MTC " Well I need an explicit date to know where I am likely to be on whatever day the technician is coming!"


Phoned them today to complain about this little oik and pushed forward my request for replacement laptop


Feel very :wall::wall:


Rant over!

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Sounds like you'll be definately needing that holiday now :!:


I can sympathise - I hate dealing with little oiks too. When I went looking for a new digital camera I asked the kid in the shop if it had an imput for a TV link so I could see my piccies on TV - he tried to take off the shutter release cover :roll:


Hope you get it sorted soon.

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Totally understand this one! I have done the same thing quite a few times now. usb connectors left on the keyboard and then the spine shuddering crack.


I've been pretty lucky so far the longest to get one repaired was a week but that was return to base.


If you do get a tech on site make sure you close and open the lid a few times after hes done to make sure all the connections are good, I had one that lasted a few days before it disconnected itself.


Good Luck!



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