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Does anyone have any ukadex and flubenvet spare to sell?

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i only have 3 chickens and so am reluctant to buy huge quantities of these items.SO i was wondering if anyone had any they were willing to sell to me?

I have one very naughty feather eater who isn't really bullying just has got a bad habit. She already has a bumper bit on and still manages to pull the feathers of the others off!SO i thought a very nasty taste might do the trick.

I am not sure if this is the correct forum for this but it seemed the best one.

many thanks


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Hi, maybe try the chicken clinic bit instead of on here. I haven't got any ukadex sorry. I have heard other people saying they've had succes with really cheap nasty perfume/aftershave. Just don't spray it anywhere near the chickens head. It may be enough to put off the feather puller as it will taste foul and you may have one of those unfortunate xmas presents sitting on your dressing table that you could use up :lol: .

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