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No Loves!

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I am getting quite disheartened here! :(


I have had my little Nethies for a month now and they still don't like me touching them. The only time they 'tolerate' it is when I have fed them and they are eating.


Lacey (the white one) will occasionally let me stroke her whilst they are out and about in the garden but Cagney recoils and runs as soon as she notices there isn't any food in my hand.


They are due to have their first injections soon but they won't let me pick them up either so I don't know how I am going to get them there - any ideas?


Makes me realise how lucky I was with Hob, my last Rabbit. I know I shouldn't compare but we struck it off almost immediately so with 4 weeks gone by, I'm starting to wonder whether it is ever going to happen!


Please help!

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Hi Lydia!

I"m new to the forum, I have two rabbits in a green rablu as well. Sorry to hear about your problems with Cagney & Lacey. I know Netherlands can be quite fiesty,so you may need to just keep on with what you are doing and hopefully you will win them over.They do say getting them spayed helps with behaviour but thats something to think about in the future. About getting them to the vets I'm sorry I can't help I have the same problem getting the boy into his travel box nightmare :!: I'm sure someone else will have better advice. Best of luck.

Mandy. :)

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