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Allotment Open Day

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Apologies for taking so long with the news - dodgy computer did the blue screen bit and I was a tad exhausted after standing in the sun all Sat afternoon. Anyway the visit to the Allotment Open Day was a great success. The guys sent me some omlet brochures to give out and I even gave the eglu and the run a quick wash over.


We planned to be at the allotment half an hour before the start so we could get set up in a nice shady spot under the trees. However, at the moment of going to put the girls into the carrier, Pollo decided to lay!!!! So we waited, and waited and half an hour later still no egg. This is where it gets a bit crazy. Decided that we all had to set off, so the eglu itself was very carefully carried into the car with Pollo sitting on the nesting box. Drove very very slowly over the road humps and got to the allotments. Unloaded everything, being very careful with the eglu. Quick check revealed Pollo still sitting. At this point remembered that needed to take top off eglu to attach the run :roll:


Didn't want to delay any longer as people were starting to gather and poor Sybil was in the carrier, so I scooped up Pollo and put her in the carrier with Sybil. We then did the quickest attachment of the assembled run ever seen and put top back on eglu. Pollo was then replaced on nest. She stayed for about 1 min and then must have realised Sybil was getting serious adulations and slugs in the run, so gathered up her 'down belows' and went out to join Sybil. The next 20 mins were spent being a bit overcome by the attention but loving all the treats being posted through the run while rushing around with a 'bottom about to fall out' waddle and strained expression on her face. I decided action was needed, so enticed her into the eglu with sweetcorn (works every time :D ) and shut her in. After 20 mins peace and quiet she finally produced the egg and was let out into the run again looking rather more comfortable. Some of the kids then got the chance to lift the warm egg out of the nest and add it to the 3 in the eglu box that were the prize for guessing how many eggs Sybil laid in a year. Sybil has only had 7 days with no egg, so that makes 358 eggs in her first year :D:D


I didn't get a chance to look round any of the allotments because I was answering questions the whole time and giving out leaflets. A lot of people were very interested and keen but some lived in flats or had shared gardens. However I'm hopeful for at least one more eglu in Jesmond soon :D


The girls were a little perplexed by the grass, having been on soil and bark chippings all the time and managing to find some bare earth for dust bathing on their working visits to our allotment. They had a bit of a peck at it and Sybil started some major excavation but the ground was too hard for them to break through in one afternoon. They were given vast quantities of lettuce and slugs though so were pretty happy. They spent the whole evening lolling around in one of their dustbath areas back in the run, and the next day producing dodgy poops :shock: . Recommend vast quantities of slugs and lettuce are saved for very occasional treats.


Anyway, if anyone else gets the opportunity I can recommend taking the eglu out. Lots of people had seen adverts in the media (you can tell what sort of papers we read in Jesmond) and were most interested to see an eglu for real - even if I did have to keep explaining about the decoration. Because we are well outside the delivery area I was able to tell people I could be around when they got their eglu and hens if they wanted.


I'm now most curious about the hens the guys take to all these big shows. Do they have a specially trained pair that don't lay at the most inconvenient time and know how to behave with crowds, or do they use POLs that haven't started laying yet?


I did take some photos so I'll try and download and post them sometime this week. BTW most people guessed well under the number of eggs Sybil actually laid - I still can't get over her production having grown up with purebreeds and home reared mongrels. She is looking a little bare around her head and chest so I have started telling her she is more than entitled to have a few days off and a good moult.

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Sounds like you had a good day Jane.


Its amazing once people have seen the eglu how much they then want one. I had visitors at the weekend to see mine and they loved it and occasional visitors to the house are also quite interested too.


I definitely think an in the flesh trip to see an eglu is a good idea for the undecided :? Especially if they go away with a few fresh eggs as the icing on the cake :lol:

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