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I'm so excited..... and I just can't hide it!!!

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Now that we have a new fenced in area for the girls and they have so much more room I have been thinking about getting a couple more girls to join our family - (something I was convinced I would not do thinking I would be happy with two).


Anyway I have been waiting for the right moment to broach the subject with my hubby as I thought he would offer resistence :roll: , however today we were bringing the washing in and he looked at the girls and commented on how happy the girls looked in their new area so I tentatively suggested we could get a couple more to join them and he just sais "yes that would be nice" !!! :D:D:D


Now I am just wondering whether it would be best to wait till spring or strike while the iron is hot and get them now. Think I would like another Bluebelle and an Amber but I am not sure. Ijust know I won't be able to sleep tonight now for thinking about it :oops:

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Oh you can't wait til spring can you?!?! I couldn't, but then I'm an open the christmas presents on Christmas eve kind of person!!


Seriously, there is a bit of a shortage of hybrid hens because of the bird flu scares and fewer being hatched abroad, so my advice would be to go for it now .......... as if you needed telling :lol::lol::lol:

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Can only agree with previous posts go for it now!!! You will have doulbe the enjoyment through winter :)


I was expecting to get an amber star and copper morans at the end of August but due to the shortage didn't happen. Now expecting an amber star and meadowsweet ranger at end of October (could have had an earlier date but on hol mid october) and can't wait even though choice limited. I just want to add 2 more as soon as possible now and I'm sure they'll be just as lovely as the girls I have now! I think you may find now that your supplier may not have the choice she had in July but worth a try though.



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