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Can you introduce another rabbit?

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Hi, I normally use the chicken forum but thought somebody may be able to advise whether or not my next door neighbour could introduce another rabbit to live with her female bunny.


Her bunny is about 7 months old and my neighbour has experimented with having her as a house bunny but unfortunately Sally has become very destructive (tearing up carpet and wallpaper etc :shock: )


I know very little about rabbits but thought her behaviour may be due to her coming of age and nestbuilding as she has also being pulling her fur out or that she may be bored as rabbits are social creatures ???


My neighbour is wondering about getting a companion for her and would like to know what problems she may find... Any help/comments would be graetly appreciated.

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I'm no expert, but I introduced my girl rabbit to my boy last year.I sugest if she can to get one from the RSPCA,they will know the rabbits personality and they will be spayed! I've heard girls can be fussy, she may have to get her spayed at sometime,but the RSPCA will give advise on all this.Hope all goes well, they do prefer company. Best of luck to your neighbour.

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