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First egg a great thrill but not

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I saw Ginge heading for the coop this morning with a determined look in her eye. She started to do a bit of housework in the eglu and then settled down in the nest. I kept on looking over to the run to see if she'd come out and lo and behold 15 mins later she burst out and ruffled her feathers. Opened the egg hatch and there it was the first egg.


But here is the sad bit. Nice but Dim has had a bit of a rattly chest and the vet has put her on Anti-bios. He advised that we should have Ginge and Miss Piggy dosed up as well just in case so that is what i have done. Nearly at the end of the 10 day course but the vet said not to consume any eggs for 10 days after the course of treatment.


Now what to do with Ginge's first egg - i would be gutted to throw it away. Could i boil it up and give it back to the girls - sort of recycling? Same for the shell as well? I thought about 'blowing the egg to keep it. I just don't want all her efforts to go to waste.


She's out in the garden at the mo rummaging around as nothing has happened. It certainly is a special moment :D



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Many congratulations on your first egg!! :D It is a special moment and it would be lovely to record the event. What a shame you can't eat it. :( You could take lots of pictures before and after cracking as a memento. The good thing is, of course, there will be plenty of eggs to follow when your girls are completely better. :D

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We've had a busy time too. Chickens and Eglu arrive at the End of August and we were starting to think the girls were duff as no eggs. Until Jimi started showing all of the signs and last Thursday 26th Sept laid her first.


Since then we have had 3 more. All excellent and perfect, even if they are a bit smaller than those from Tesco.


Just waiting on Mother and Pingu to pull their featherd fingers out and we'll be having omlets all round.


Needelss to Say Thursday was a very proud day :lol:

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