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ok so i see chickens and I see bunnys but is there a part of the site for ducks??! I saw posts about it but I can't find it anywhere.... maybe I'm just being dim :oops:


I really want ducks and I may just be able to persuade him indoors if it's an eglu!! He LOVES the girls and their eglu so ducks may be next......


..failing that, i've been after a liddle bunny for a while too.... his argument was foxes.... THAT one falls on it's face eh??!! hehe :lol:

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I got sent some of the brochures from omlet to give out at our allotment open day. There was a section there about the duck eglu - looks quite interesting. Same basic model as the hen and rabbit ones but with a special insert. I've not checked out the omlet website recently, but if the duck info isn't on yet then you could just email them to ask for a brochure :D


I've been eagerly waiting to read a post from someone with a duck eglu - perhaps you will be the first 8)

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We are really really keen on ducks - but lots of people have said they are smelly :shock: , any pond gets filthy :shock: and they are noisy. :shock: We have very good neighbours and our chooks are pretty quiet, so we think we wont go for it :cry::cry: (unless we win the lottery and can buy a place in the country :wink: ) its a real shame as we were really keen.

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But Mel, how accurate are those comments? Don't get me wrong, I don't know anything about ducks, beyond the fact that my children loved feeding them bread in the park as toddlers :oops: But, I was told before I got chickens, that they were noisy, dirty & smelly, one of the reasons that I initially opposed hubby when he started muttering about an Eglu. Now I know better, although, I suspect without care (poo collecting and judicious use of garlic) they could become smelly and dirty, and whilst mine, fortunately are quiet, there are a few postings about noisy hens. So I'd suggest that maybe those comments are misconceptions based on what can happen if they're not well cared for :? Don't know really, maybe someone out there knows more. Mrs Nesbitt is a bit of an authority on ducks I believe, but I don't see her posting on this forum very much these days.

Have to say though, I'm still not going to even think about getting ducks.

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I've had a few ducks with my chickens in my pre eglu days. It was very mixed with regard to noise and mess.


Noise - mandarins, which are decorative rather than egg layers and will need wings clipping to prevent escape, my pair were very quiet and are extremely pretty and small.

- Khaki Cambells, my memories are that they weren't bad noise wise but we lived in the country so didn't really think about noise. These are a nice medium sized breed and are egg layers although they make a tasty meat bird as well.

-large mongrels with lots of Aylesbury in - extremely noisy for us. We had a trio in Sheffield, with big garden but neighbours, and everytime one of us went into the garden they rushed up to us quacking very loudly. They make noise more often than hens but the main problem is the volume. We rehomed them - I'd hatched them myself and given them names and they were incredibly tame and every time I thought about duck a la orange they tipped their heads on one side and gave me 'the look'. I got soft and they went to a children's farm. :roll:


Mess - they don't really poo more often than hens but it is really watery and so appears to go everywhere. Smell is about the same as hens that don't get garlic.


I'm sure the omlet guys will have done lots of research and spoken to real experts and will be able to advise on the best breeds to get re noise etc. My experience, which doesn't include Indian Runners, is that they do need water, they love being in a pond or stream, and if you have an area of garden you can fence off for them that should solve poo on the lawn problems. They can be tamed very easily and are real characters (except Mandarins which need much more work to tame - well mine did anyway but worth it)

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Just wanted to post with regard to the noise/smell/ mess stuff....


we have two (soon to be more! :D ) Indian Runners. Really, they aren't too noisy.... they quack when there are people around but other than that, they don't so much. It's basically a fairly constant but quite quiet quack quack quack. We are rural so it doesn't matter too much but I have a friend right in the town centre and hers seem fairly quiet too.

In fact, the house next to us sold BECAUSE we had ducks! The new owners thougt they were so funny it settled their decision!!! 8)


Smell..... hte ducks themselves don't smell any more than the chickens. the duck HOUSE stinks :lol: but only when you've not cleaned it out enough and been a bit lazy. If it's kept clean it's really not bad at all.


mess.... no more messy than the chickens.... just more watery! Actually don't notice duck poo around the garden as much as I do chicken poo.... the girls leave some WHOPPERS :shock: around .... which one of the dogs enjoys eating :vom:


so there we are! altogether a great pet!


ooh, one more thing.... I've heard Indian runners don't need a pond. I'm sure they can live without but I know ours LOVE IT!!!! :P

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