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Poorly ones - how to look after them indoors

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I think that as long as she has access to food and water, and you make sure she has some clean straw or similar she'll be fine.


My current 'indoor hen' is in a puppy cage at the moment (cheaper than an extra eglu!) and we've put a box in there for her to roost/lay in, with newspaper on the floor of the cage - not perfect, but she's safe.


The water is in a small plastic bowl which we've made 2 holes in and secured to the cage with a cable tie - mainly to keep it off the floor and stop her kicking it over... maybe a similar thing could be done with your carboard box perhaps?


Best of luck

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We had Ella sleeping indoors for over a month :lol: We bought a dog crate and lined it with newspaper and we had some of those little pots that you can hook to cages and put water and food on the side of her cage. At night we covered the cage with towels to make her feel safe and snug and keep the light out so she got a good nights sleep. When I went to work I covered the whole kitchen floor with newspaper and she had the complete run of the kitchen until she was well enough to go out freeranging. I think she liked it and the dog had her nose put way out of joint :wink:

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Jak, I'm sure a cardboard box will be fine for the moment. I've used a box before now. It's keeping them warm and fed that is important if they are poorly.


Or borrow a large cat box from someone. Not the biggest living accomodation long term, but for a few days isolation it would be ok and handy for vet transportation if required.

You can buy 2 little coup cups to hang off the bars of the cat box for water and food.



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