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Pooing in the nest from early lay

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Grrrrr the change in hours seems to have totally messed up my chickens routine and with messy results .................here we go

With the dark morning they wont come out of the eglu till it's light and whitestar has to be first on the nest (bossy I know) unfortunately whilst the others come out and do there usual huge first poo she does it in the nest :oops:

The other chicks then refuse to use pooey straw and strut up and down till I clean it up - easy at the mo but I will have to get to work when the clocks change!!!

I found it really strange that in summer they all laid later each day and eventually missed a day and now it has to be first thing - could it be too little time to eat so I have to lay early :wink:

Anyone else had major changes???

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We're finding that Mango has frequently laid before first light and we've had one or two pooey eggs as a result! :roll:


As we've only had the girls since Spring, I don't know whether they will just naturally adjust and begin to lay later as winter approaches. I don't have anything in my nesting box because lovely Chutney was allergic to the straw (made her sneeze loads, poor thing!) so the girls lay in an otherwise empty nesting box. I usually just wipe it round with a damp bit of kitchen roll and all's well.


I think someone else once mentioned that their chooks were pooping in the nesting box overnight, so they lined the box with a sheet of crumpled newspaper which could simply be removed once soiled - might be worth a try.


Good luck


Sue budgie

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