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Shrinking eggs

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I was wondering if eggs got smaller as chickens approach winter, as out white chickens' eggs have noticibly dropped in size this week.

They started laying about Feb/March this year-is it that they are settling into laying properly?

Katy's eggs have always been small in comparison. :?

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Maybe I'm overanalysing :roll:


we have a chart on the fridge door with everyone's egg weights neatly catologued each day so I don't think it is overanalysing at all :)


can tell you that Willow, Bramble and Blossom are currently laying bigger than average eggs (59-64g) Hazel's have shrunk a bit and are averaging 49g each and Daisy are staying at around 57g, the other two have given up for the duration!!


SO far we haven't been plotting egg size on a graph but now you've given us the idea :oops::oops: a different colour line per hen and max , min and mean marked daily with bonus sweetcorn to the best producer each week :)

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... bonus sweetcorn to the best producer each week :)

Rather you than me to try to give a treat to one chicken only!


Might the shrinking eggs be related to extra energy being put into preparation for new feather growth chocchick?


I've been giving ours extra protein (tinned tuna) because Maisys moulting (and Matilda's shedding a few feathers). Since they've been having this Matilda's eggs are bigger than ever! So it may be about available protein after bodily maintenance has been carried out!

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I think it is just Susannah's and they are going from under 74g to under 68g so not as much as I thought. I'm either going mad or they do fit in the egg box better. Perhaps denser eggs :? She's the fattest chicken :roll:


Maybe they're timing a moult to coincide with the start of the cold weather-in true chicken style? :roll:

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