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Onward Christian Soldiers!

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Found this on the SEPRA website and thought it was quite funny.


Bolied Eggs - Put egg in pan of boiling water......


If you want it hard-boiled sing all verses of Onward Christian Soldiers


For medium-boiled omit one verse


For soft-boiled only sing 2 verses



(I can post a link to the words if anyone needs them!!)

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My mother was a staunch catholic.


Her formula for the perfect egg was:


1 decade of the Rosary for soft boiled.


1 decade plus 5 Hail Mary's for medium.


4 decades for hard boiled.


All to be said at a steady and reverent pace, not rushed.


All to be offerred up for the Holy Souls!


It's no wonder I'm in the state I'm in!!

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