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Queuing Chickens

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Hi folks. This week all my girls seem to want to lay at the same time (mid-morning) and while one is on the nest the other two stand one behind the other in a queue at the door! (one day 2 were on the nest at the same time). Belle sits for over an hour, the other two are a bit quicker. My worry is that I'm hopefully getting two more at the weekend (was really wanting 3 but I think thats pushing it in one eglu) when the new run is finished and wonder if one nest is enough. Do you think I'll need to provide another nest?

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I think you'll find they just queue nicely or get in at the same time. I tried providing another nest box when I had broodies hogging it, and they all ignored it. Some of them don't seem to mind laying with company, but Bonnie will boot anyone out while she's a-laying. Bashful that chicken. I wouldn't worry unless it looks like a problem.

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I have had 5 wanting to lay at once - it was very noisy & most amusing to watch :P


The funniest thing is if they are all on the ramp (my Eglu is on a stand) waiting for whoever is laying to finish,but they get distracted & hop off to get some food.

The others then all move up a place & the silly one who hopped off has to go to the end :roll::lol:

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