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In the bad books.........

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Last weekend it was rather wet and horrible, and also windy, which had blown shut the door to the Chicken Run while Polly and Esther were out ruining the rest of the garden. At dusk, when I went out to shut them in, they were nowhere to be seen - normally when the run door is shut, they sit on top of the run and heckle and barrack me for my forgetfulness. It was tipping it down at this point and I was getting soaked...


I eventually found them - they had 'gone towards' the light, and were huddled on a garden table stacked on another garden table under the kitchen window, looking (pardon the expression) like drowned rats, and in none too good a mood with me. Even when I opened the run, they refused to budge, enjoying more seeing me getting more and more drenched. Eventually, I had to pick them up and, after a few ahem 'scuffles' managed to get them back inside the run. To make me feel even more guilty they then hung around outside getting even more soaked for about 20 minutes just to teach me a lesson......


Which is a long way round of saying that last weekend was a bit of a rotter......



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They're just playing games, :roll: some hens happily get soaked. Katy goes a bit white as you can see her underneath feathers under the brown. You can't tell T&S apart :shock:

Once either the chickens or me (can't remember which) shut the eglu door and I got back to chickens camped outside the eglu waiting to get in :cry:


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