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Martin B

Sunday Evening

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I've just finished the final dribs and drabs of ironing, cleaned several pairs of shoes and made packed lunches for all the family. Also emptied the dishwasher and cleared up the kitchen after the evening meal. We're all back to school/ work tomorrow, so normal Sunday routine has kicked in again, more's the pity :(

I think I'd rather have been making bird boxes Martin.... it sounds creative at least, and a whole heap more interesting than shoe cleaning :wink:

I hope you get some good news from your friend very soon Paola :D:D

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Just finished the bird table. The eglu inspired me! :oops:


It is a basic wooden base table with low wooden sides. Then there are two pieces of wood with slots in which create a joint to hold a bent piece of plastic aboive it. When I make it I hope the plastic will be eglu coloured, at least then it will fit in with the garden.


Here is a picture of the card version...




It's quite difficult to see but it will do for now!

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I try to give Omlet a mention anywhere and everywhere I go.


Even in my Technology Cousework.

This is what I've put.


The eglu is made by Omlet and is a plastic chicken coop. It is suitable for housing 3-4 large chickens or 4-5 Bantams. The eglu is waterproof and easy to move around. It appeals to the modern day person who would like a slice of the good life but only has a small garden. Omlet also produce these coops for rabbits and guinea pigs. They cost £380 including delivery and 2 chickens. Omlet are estimated to make a turnover of £2million this year. Hopefully my design can be similar to the eglu and follow in its footsteps.

Find out more at www.omlet.co.uk



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