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Winter bark for housing hens - on offer at B&Q

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Hi, all. If you're like me and park your hens on a South facing fence for the winter, with bark chippings under - read on.


B&Q are doing a special offer - large bark chippings, usually £3.78 each, you can now get four for £10. I use two bags only, and have no storage space, and can't use the spare on my garden cos the hens and dogs would scatter it miles so I only got two. It's not the big square bales, but easier to lift smaller bags.


I've also got a length of plastic table cloth as a winter cover. I fitted eyelets down the length and wire locked it onto the bars. Summer shade on one end, and big bungee on the other for sure, and it's brill, 100% waterproof and just the right width to allow wind & weather under the edges. Our local haberdashers sell various designs by the metre, mine's clear with flutterbies on.

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That is good value. I bought some from Focus at the weekend - 2 bags of 100 litres for £9. What size are the bags from B&Q?

Is it OK to use the garden bark chippings? I was told it would be better to use wood chippings due to the fungicides in the bark? (I was told AFTER I'd bought the bark!) :roll:

I was going to use the bark on the garden and go and get some woodchippings as well - but if the barks OK....might save some pennies! :D

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