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New Chicken Won't Go To Bed!

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Skye, my new (not so stinky now!) white chicken won't go in the eglu by herself at night (she goes in to lay no problem). I keep a light on in the new run till about 7pm and when I turn it off the other girls, including new brown chicken, Iona all go straight to bed. Wee Skye just sits outside on the edge of the platform and an hour or so later I go out and lift her in and shut the door. Theres no noise or scuffle when I put her in. Belle is still giving her a hard time during the day but its getting better all the time. Do you think she's too scared to go in because of Belle or are some just happier roosting outside?

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If you are able to continue popping her in as you do, I'm sure that is the best thing, and hopefully one day she'll get the message!

I think that you are right about her being nervous of Belle and therefore not liking to intrude into the bedroom. She may well be holding back because she knows her place at the bottom of the pecking order.

I can't think of another reason at this time of year. I did have one little stop out who went a lot later than the others at the height of summer, when it was understandable, but she still took herself in. Also, when the redmite was bad they were less keen to go in.

But, in Skye's case, I'm sure it's lack of confidence, & you're doing just the right thing. Hope she settles soon. I love their names, what a lovely theme. :D

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