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Talking of ebay!

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Right new to this ebay selling lark but rather like it. :D


What do you do if your sale ends and you don't get a payment in 24 hours or a response and how lon before you get a bit uppity please.


We have a new ebayer who hasn't paid but won on monday and no response at all...do we relist I wonder? :? We also have payments due but they look like good ebayers so should we be patient. Just wondered what you all do.


You'll have the answers I just know it 8) and where's Sarah :D



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Give them the benefit of the doubt first Buffie send them an email and ask how and when they will be paying, if they have payed by Paypal you will get notification as soon as payment is recieved or pending. Sometimes if they are paying by cheque it takes a bit longer but they should at least keep in touch by email...........Good luck hope you get payment, if you relist you will have to pay ebays fees again, it can get quite expensive if you don't charge enough P&P to cover your costs.

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OK Buff, heres what I do.


I give my buyers 7 days to pay which is made clear in the listing.

If I have heard nothing after 5 days I send them this -



You recently bought an item from me on eBay,but I have still to receive payment from you.

All payments for my auctions are due within 7 days of the auction end.

Please can you let me know if payment has been sent, so that I know when to expect it.

Many thanks"


Then,if they have not paid within a week of the auction end they get this one -



The final balance for the above item is now overdue.

All payments are due within 7 days of the auction end.

I have sent several emails to you,none of which you have replied to.


If you still want to go ahead then this final amount is due TODAY or negative feedback will be left for you, & you will be reported to eBay as a non paying bidder.


Please be assured that I am a reasonable person who never negative rates a buyer without very good reason.I realise that circumstances change & mistakes can be made.I do however expect buyers to contact me if there is a problem,even if it is to say that they no longer want the item.


I feel that it is the least you can do, & an obligation that you make when you join eBays community.





If they still have not paid 2 days on,I report the item as unpaid to eBay & open a dispute.I also relist the item at this point,putting "relisted due to non paying bidder" in big letters on the top.

This means that 8 days from the dispute opening you are elidgable for a fee refund & they get an upaid item strike.3 of these, & they are out!

It alos means that you can then leave them negative feedback as a non payer,& if they have made no contact via the dispute resolution service,if they neg you back it will be removed by ebay.

Also, block them from bidding on any more of your auctions too! I am afraid that I am pretty tough on non payers,but then again I have had quite a few in my time :?

Funnily,all of the non payers I have hadhave been newbies (had one last week :roll: )


Hope this helps & feel free to use any parts of the emails you like :P

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Oh thank you Sarah :D and everyone for your help. :wink: My gentle chatty emails seem to have worked with the 'good ebayers' I have a collection tomorrow and a payment coming today...phew. I just thought they all pay at end of auction. I will set out some rules and I will be equally tough Sarah. No nonsense here, great fun though and I am not the slightest bit tempted to buy...how odd??? :D


I will send another email to the new ebayer. :D


Thanks again



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I agree with sarah - after having been caught out a couple of times, I always add that contact must be made within 5 days of end of auction or negative feedback will be left and the item relisted. Never had a problem since, but it's surprising how many leave it a few days before paying - I always pay instantly! :?

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