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Chocolate Fountain

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Help please!


I have just come on here to find the recipe ideas that Cinnamon posted for a Chocolate Fountain party. I have been waiting about 6 months to do this and now, I can't find her thread about it!


I did a search on fountain and apparently the word isn't used on the forum. :shock: Then I searched on chocolate fountain and it told me I wasn't allowed to do another search so soon! :shock::shock: I have looked all through the All things nice section and still can't find it.


Can anyone help me please? (I have sent Cinnamon a PM)

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Thank you so much Emma. :D:D


That is the one I thought I remembered! It has also just occurred to me that I could look in the box for a recipe, before I wrap it up!


I bought the fountain (cheaply) in May, thinking I would give it to OH for our wedding anniversary. But then he suggested getting a breadmaker, which we did. :D:D:D So I have waited 6 months until his birthday! He still has no idea and will be thrilled with much drooling and dribbling! :roll: It will come in very useful for everyone's birthday too (6 of us!)

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Glad i could help. :D


The local shopping centre has a chocolate fountain stall and has lots of things to dip in it including;


small chunks of fudge,

mini doughnuts,


etc the list goes on & on!! :lol:


Hope the birthday present goes down a storm - im sure it will :wink::D:D

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pm'd you back :P


It was fondue,not fountain.....no point doing a search for "chocolate" on this forum is there,there would be THOUSANDS of listings :lol:


Anyhow,I think fountain choc is tinner,but I am not sure :?


Lot of these sorts of tings on eBay -


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Read the instructions. I just need 1kg :shock: chocolate and some oil.


Lovely suggestions for things to dip in!


I've got marshmallows, pineapple, banana and mango.


I hadn't thought of mini-doughnuts or fudge. Kaz's table looks fab doesn't it? I'll use candles too!


MUST make that gorgeous gooey chocolate cake today as well!

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There was a chocolate fountain at a recent wedding I went too. They had chunks of cheese to dip - sounds yucky but was really tasty! Hm, cheese and chocolate, 2 of my favourite things.... :drool:


A few years ago I bought these amazing chocolates.They were dark chocolate,with a centre of real stilton & port.They were wonderful :D8)


Just seen a Cocktail Fountain in a magazine,which is much more me than a chocolate fountain :lol:

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A cocktail fountain :D I could really enjoy one of those Sarah, how does it work.... loads of tequila sunrise or whatever cascading interminably through a fountain I suppose. I could definitely be tempted to keep refilling my glass at one of those :P:P

Actually, you know, I'd be happy with a red wine fountain. Could we arrange one of those for the Jimmy's Farm bash do you think :wink::lol::lol::lol:

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Reporting back:


OH was so thrilled with his present of a chocolate fountain. :D:D:D This should perhaps go in the 'things children say' thread: OH was jumping up and down on his chair with excitement, DS who is 8 observed this and then said 'Daddy, you're just like a child'! :lol::lol::lol::lol: Quite an intelligent observation for an 8 year old I thought, but also very funny! (And OH is an usually sober, serious, quiet type. Not a 'lad' at all)


It needs 1kg chocolate - I managed to buy fairly traded chocolate in the co-op which was only 2p per 100g more than the cadbury's stuff. I also bought some pink wafer biscuits and some shortbread fingers. I knew I just wouldn't have time or energy to cut up all the fruit as well as everything else. So as well as the biscuits I put out some dried apricots and some grapes.


Although the fountain was a bit noisy, it went down very well. It will be an exciting feature of every birthday party from now on! And I have an easy quick-fix whenever OH isn't happy! :D

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