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Urgent question re frost

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Just a quickie - my former housebunnies have been living in their rablu now for a week after a few earlier settling in sessions. They have started to get a thicker coat but not sure they've got it all yet.


Tonight it's going to be cold (-3 - -5 degrees) and I don't know whether to shut them in their rablu or leave them access to the run? They like being in the run at night but I don't want to kill them. They survived a frost last night but I think tonight will be colder.


Urgent advice please?!

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Hi Jo! I can understand your worry, this cold snap came pretty quick.I have two rabbits in a rablu as well, and I've just had to put them on the patio as the grass desperately needs a rest! so its even colder, but they've been fine, I've never shut them in at night, mine would hate it :cry: but as long as they have the rablu full of dry hay or straw I should'nt worry, my two also have a couple of large tree stumps to sit on, so they are off the cold or wet floor. Hope this helps, you could try shutting them in, wait a bit and see what they do, they will either settle or try and kick the door down :shock: good luck, keep us up to date.

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Thanks for your replies.


I did shut them in last night. After all, when they were housebunnies (up to 2 weeks ago) they were shut in at night because they were too destructive when we weren't about.


Plus there were quite a few fireworks about although i'm not sure they'd be too bothered; they've never noticed before and they're used to quite a lot of loud music what with a noisy husband and a one year old to contend with!


I opened them up this morning; they didn't rush out into the run or anything. I'll probably keep doing this when it's so cold.

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