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Does size matter??

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Hi all

I have two delighful blue orpington bantams who have now been in residence free ranging in the garden for a couple of months. Like many others on the forum I have become totally hooked on chickens and would like to expand my flock. I am considering adding one or possibly two full sized hens, possibly hybrids so I would at least get some eggs. Has anyone any experience of mixing bantams and larger chooks? My two little birds seem very happy and content and are always together. I am worried about upsetting the balance.

I did have a fancy for a full size orpington , but they are so big it would probably squash the banties in the eglu.

I don't know if anyone else has orpingtons. I can highly recommend them for their delightful temperments. They are incredibly friendly, placid, forgiving and talkative ( very quietly so as not to disturb the neighbours). They are wonderful pets but not so keen on egg laying-"too posh to push". :P

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Hi rainbowsong - I know that orpington bantams are supposed to be about the same size as a hybrid hen. As to whether to introduce one or two to them I'm not sure - I do know orpingtons are known for being submissive. I'm sure somebody else will be on soon who has more experience.


Best of luck




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