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Lesley R

Can't eat, won't eat...

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I have a problem. My little chucks - three from a battery hen rescue farm - have settled in really well but won't eat from the GRUB container that came with the Eglu. They happily to dip into the GLUG for water but no amount of trickery or persuasion will guide them to the GRUB.

Anyone else share this problem and are there any solutions?!


Lesley :?::roll:

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Hello Lesley R - Welcome to the omlet forum :D - my two newbies haven't been used to eating.drinking from peanuts and I think it would have taken them a lot longer to get used to them if it weren't for them being able to watch and learn from Mavis :wink: . Karen's tip is a good one - I did something similar when I first got Mavis and Edna who had no-one to watch and learn from.

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Mine still aren't too sure about the feeder either. Have trained them to use it though!!! Basically yu have to put their favourite treat in it. We used corn. Make sure they see you put the food in there and then they will eat it. If they have big sticky up combs though you will have to try and make them use it side on. Otherwise they can't fit their comb in it to get at the food.

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