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I've just freecycled!

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:D Yes, I was a freecycle virgin before today! :D

Have just got rid of all our old sealed window units ( 11 of them) from before we had our extension to a very nice man..... better than taking them to the tip any day! Its so nice to think its helping soembody else too....

For any of you who don't know about Freecycle, its a Yahoo group, set up for people to give things away in your area! The Swindon one where I am is amazingly prolific, and there's some great stuff on there!

I can thoroughly recommend it to anybody thinking of throwing something away.....

Here's a link

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Recently I have given:

Moving house boxes

Old Hairdryer

Uni text books

Empty Aromatherapy Mixing Bottles

Wine Rack

Chest of Drawers

Artificial Xmas Tree

Sterio without the CD bit working!


Recently I have received:

Maternity Wear

Baby Play Gym

Avent Bottle Steriliser

Push Chair

Baby Bath

Bag of Baby Clothes


Our local group is very active - I think it's a great idea... :D

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I have just joined freecycle and am in the process of arranging to collect a laptop bag.


This may sound a bit silly, but I feel a bit odd about just taking something away without paying for it. I know that is the point - and I am sure I would not expect someone to pay for something I have offered to give away - but it just feels strange.

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Excellent site. Thanks


Off to do some sorting - well not immediately as having my Friday night wind down from the week at the moment - wine glass waiting to be filled and planning the Friday night ruby takeaway!


I definately can think of a few items already that we don't use but are definately reusable and a shame to send to landfill if someone else can get some use. I do take some stuff to charity shops, mostly clothing and nick knacs but I think with the WEEE directive imminent they won't want to be taking electrical goods so good for these items and others that the charity shops wouldn't be keen on taking.



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