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London Lite today- shock headline

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Hubby's just got home from work and has given me this evening's copy of the London Lite free newspaper..... and the front page headline is "The great free range egg fraud" and then goes on to say that 30 million really came from battery hens :shock: Has anyone else seen this?

Reading the article is a great motivation for keeping your own hens, these days I'm proud to say that I know the name of the hen that laid every egg I ever eat and I can guarantee that she's a happy, free range, well fed chook :D , but reading this article suggests that buying free eggs from some sources may not guarantee getting free range :shock:

Check out the article here

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Thanks Kate for raising this issue and putting in the link :D


I haven't got all the info but when I met with the egg inspector I got a real insight into what goes on and sorry most of it I can't really mention (I'll be plucked alive)


It's generally individuals selling them. The publicity doesn't actually help at all as it suggests that free range eggs are battery...NOT TRUE! Don't get pulled into the hysteria and if anyone asks just tell them that it's indiviuals doing this to boost thier coffers, the inspectors check eggs randomly and can tell the source of the egg and you can be sure of supply if you buy from a decent source. The registered farmers markets etc, supermarket, quality farm shop or local hens in garden. Like anything you get a few dodgy dealers.


It's just another publicity 'storm in a tea cup' but we don;t want someone saying they'll buy caged hens eggs as they are the same as free range. It's not the case and this is being addressed.





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