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feathers everywhere!

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Gosh! Whenever I clean the eglu out in the mornings, there are loads of fluffy ginger feathers in the nest box and the poo tray!

Today the 2 gingers were dusting bathing in the woodchips and now Audrey looks a bit ruffled and scruffy - feathers sticking out at all angles! Could she go bald? Is it just a moult? They have poultry spice in their pellets at the moment! Will I have to get my knitting needles out & knit her a jumper? Is it normal?


Only a tail feather lost from Blanche ( Pepperpot ) so far! What's with the gingers!


Had a dream I had a bluebell last night! ( here is wishing )!!!!

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Feathers everywhere from our gingernut ranger as well, was a bit worried when I got back from work and saw them all over the place, I thought we had had a nasty visitor, but no, they were both tucked up snugly in the nesting box. Bless

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I dodn't think they are being pulled out as I do have my eyes on the chooks most of the day & in the eglu at night after the intial, chuckle chuckle ' it's my turn on the nest tonight' - they are silent! Tonight they were in bed for 4.50pm!

She was broody about 2 - 3 weeks ago but she is back up on her legs and totally back to normal now. Perhaps she is getting her winter duvet! As her feathers look all multi shades of ginger now!

Audrey is quite funny she sings and talks to me!



I just had visions of knitting up ponchos for my chooks & matching beanie hats! :shock:

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