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Cow and Chicken


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We have just aquired a new chicken to join our other three, she is a bit younger than them and we bought her as a companion to Dolly as she was being left out. What I need to know is what is the vaccination that she will need (something to do with stopping salmonella in her eggs the lady said we bought her off) as she was not vaccinated when we got her but our other 3 came fully vaccinated so we have no idea what to ask our vets to get in for her. Any ideas what I am talking about?






(green eglu)


PP Mabel

GNR Tallulah

GNR Dolly

(Bluebelle) Camilla

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Well, my two aren't, and so far we've had eggs from Sept 05 to Sept 06 (none since, bother!) and I and the 6 and under kids all eat runny yolks and no ill effects!


The very young, very old and infirm are at risk from salmonella poisoning. The rest of us might get a bit sick, but probably notice nothing at all. So don't give runny yolks to babies or old, ill relatives. But otherwise ...

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