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Three eggs, two chickens, one day!

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Hi everyone

Thought I would share this with you as I'm just not sure whos doing what at what time!

This morning got the girls up and found an egg (normal) but tonight when I put them to bed I found another two :shock: this must be Lolas first egg but now i have them inside in the light and have compared to others it looks like it might be her second. I just don't understand how one of them could have laid twice as i thought the cycle was longer than 24 hour? if anyone could explain I would be greatful.

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Hi Kerry


I'm no expert but I'm having a variation in egg colour at the moment. The gingernut usually lays a darker coloured egg but on some days they have been a lot paler and similar colour to the pepperpots. The only way I can tell is the shape - gingernuts dumpy and pepperpots long and pointy. The pepppots are also varying. I have a box of eggs of various shades!


Although I would not rule out two eggs in one day if they have recently started laying. Perhaps her timing is a bit out. In the summer my gingernut had two occactions of laying a normal egg and a couple of hours later another. It has to be said the second was softshelled and she wasn't quite herself until she laid the second - quiet and sitting a lot.


Did she lay yesterday? Perhaps the the egg you found was yesterdays but a bit late - possibly laid late last night?


Don't really know but I'm sure the experts will be able to help on this.



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I don't really know either but i have had a similar problem today. 3 hens, 2 laying, 1 not started (though same age as others but not showing any signs of squatting etc) 3 eggs today!!! One found at 8am and 2 at 1p.m ish. Only had one egg yesterday so don't know if yesterday, one hen just laid really late, or whether my other girlie has started laying (one was smaller then others!) :? I don't exoect i shall ever know for definite. But its frustrating as i want to celebrate Bluebells first egg but i don't know if it is!!!!

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