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How do I go about...

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Probably the sooner you introduce the better i would say!


I don't think you can get just chickens from Omlet (though i stand corrected if someone wants to tell me i'm wrong :lol: )


When i got 2 new chickens, forum members reccomended 'meadowseet poultry' and i found a dealer near me and got 2 from them and they are great! Heres the website - have a look.




Or you could look on the practical poultry magazine website, ther may be lists of breeders there!


Let us know how you get on!



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I'd go along with Helen - introduce sooner if you can. Had my original omlet 2 back in March. Got 2 more early in November and they're still not friends yet 4 weeks after getting them! The old girls seem to be protecting their terratory big time. Things getting better though.


The supplier I got my girls from is an ex-meadowsweet agent. I understand from her that their is still a bit of a shortage of hybirds. In fact, when I collected the new 2, although there seemed to be loads there, they had all been sold so she would be struggling to supply new birds until about Feb when her next delivery is due.


But have a look around, as Helen says check out the meadowsweet and practical poultry websites. Pracitcal poultry mag also has a list of breeders at the back so you should be able to find something in your area.


Good luck.



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