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what shall i do about my new chicken being pecked

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We too had this problem when we adopted Clucky :(


However after about 3 weeks it settled down. She is still considered to be "the lowest of the low" by Hilda Hoover Hag but at least there is no more pecking. They snuggle up at night like the best of friends.


In fact the day after I ordered anti peck bits and spray it stopped :shock: as if they knew I was at the end of my tether.


Just make sure the peckee gets lots of tlc from you when the pecker not about. I promise it will all be ok :D

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Is she being injured? Katy got pecked and chased but not injured (partly the speed she ran :lol: ). I let them freerange and it helped having space for her to get away, (make sure the area is foxproof, or tyou are around).

You can buy bumper bits to fit on the beak, and anti peck spray. Someone else would know more.

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