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Mrs Frugal

Suppliers of Health Products

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I thought it might be useful to keep a list of places where you can buy various chicken related health products on line. Please feel free to add anything you find to the list and I'll make it a sticky so it's always accessible.


General Chicken Health Product Suppliers:-


* The Omlet Shop - a huge range of health and general products available from wormers, anti-skin parasite treatments, anti-peck sprays, vitamin & mineral supplements, layers pellets, oystershell & grit, food supplements & treats, bedding, cleaning products, incubators and egg boxes to chicken keeping books and all sorts of chickenalia :D .


* I found The Domestic Fowl Trust do a wide range of health products which they sell on-line at the following link. This includes Flubenvet, Red Mite Repellant powder, Poultry Shield, Scaly Leg and Face cream, Poultry Spice, Respite, Wound powder, Apple Cider Vinegar. - Domestic Fowl Trust - health care products


* Ascott Smallholding Supplies also sell a wide range of poultry health products but don't seem to have Flubenvet but do have just about everything else you're ever likely to need - Ascott Smallholding Supplies


* P & T Poultry supply a whole range of chicken health products. - P&T Poultry


* SPR Centre - Animal & pet Feed Centre and Accessories - SPR Centre




Best Pet Pharmacy - http://www.bestpetpharmacy.co.uk


Farmrite - http://www.farmrite.co.uk


Pet Vet Care - http://www.petvetcare.co.uk/


The Domestic Fowl Trust - http://www.domesticfowltrust.co.uk/health2.html

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SPR also sells Diatom and other chicken supplies on ebay.co.uk (seller ID "plumpies18"). I bought some recently and I think it is the same price as on their website. I also received a useful information sheet.

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I wanted to buy antipeck spray/Featherite; a Peckablock and a ceramic egg (maybe it will encourage my hens to lay a real one!). A quick comparison of costs/availability for the 3 products & postage as of 24-10-05 follows;


Domestic Fowl Trust - anti-peck spray (2.99) & Peckablock (7.50) & ceramic egg (0.70). Postage 2.70 ---> total £13.89


Ascott Smallholding Supplies - Featherite (7.99 + vat) & Peckablock (5.20 + vat) & ceramic egg (0.54 + VAT). Postage 5.95 to England, Wales & lowland Scotland ---> total 19.68


P & T Poultry - Featherite (9.49) & ceramic egg (1.00). Could not find Peckablock. UK shipping is 5.99. ---> Total pretty pricey.


SPR Poultry & Smallholder Centre - you have to print and fill in the form by hand. Postage depends on weight. Products sold include anti louse treatments including Diatom, but none of the above.


Best Pet Pharmacy - doesn't sell the above (because its a pharmacy!). No postal charge for non-food items / orders above £60.


Farmrite - doesn't sell the above, does sell plenty of interesting agricultural supplies..


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Poultry Shield disinfectant (they say can be used in organic situation)

Stalosan F (Also Ascott) powder disinfectant and soaks up moisture

Barrier organic products lice/mites


TheBeebees breed Polish hens*, write for Practical Poultry magazine and supplied us Beth an Isa Warren :D

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I sometimes use froogle to search for specific products e.g. I did a search for apple cider vinegar and found some at £3-4

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