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Mrs Frugal

Help with pop quiz!!

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LSH (obviously working hard, as usual) just emailed me a quiz they're doing and need help with. I know you are all fab quizzers so any ideas please? It's pop groups, by the way....and I've put in the answers we've already got.....


1 Nun on a toboggan - Sister Sledge

2 Elizabeth, Victoria, Mary - Queen?

3 B.A., B.Sc., B.Eng - 3 degrees

4 Babies on the slab - New Kids on the Block (thanks Gina!!)

5 East End Revolutionary - Cockney Rebel

6 Young Men Selling Animals - Pet Shop Boys

7 Pale Serpent - Whitesnake

8 Both of you - U2 (thanks yet again Ginette - you're good at these!)

9 Merlin - Wizard

10 Disturb Vision - Blur

11 Prosperous City Vermin - Boomtown Rats

12 Plasters - Band Aid

13 In deep trouble - Dire Straits

14 Gender arms - Sex Pistols (thanks Ginette)

15 Dark area caused by cliff - Shadows

16 Hamlet (female relative) - Shakespeare's Sister

17 Spring Summer Autumn Winter - Four Seasons

18 Picture house tune - Roxy Music (thanks again Gina!!)

19 Dark Sunday - Black Sabbath

20 Ham or beef sandwiches - Meat Loaf

21 Very warm galaxy - Hot Chocolate

22 Hard of hearing wildcat - Def Leppard

23 German with coronary regulators - Gerry and the Pacemakers

24 Raincoat bought near Blackpool - Fleetwood Mac

25 Gorgeous but not northern - Beautiful South

26 Dangerous flowers - Guns n Roses (thanks again, Ginette)

27 Small avalanche - Rolling Stones

28 Refinement association - Culture Club

29 Crying over phobias - Tears For Fears

30 Queen of slimming world - Thin Lizzy

31 Ol' Blue Eyes off to make a movie - Frankie Goes To Hollywood (thanks Debs!)

32 Funpark magnetic effect - Fairground Attraction

33 Aviation Strikers - B52s

34 Uncomplicated Russian - Simply Red

35 Headgear for woman on loan pending sale - Manhatten Transfer?

36 Posh dance in German prison - Spandau Ballet

37 Wild urban evangelists - Manic Street Preachers

38 Parents - Mamas and Papas

39 Not what they seem - Enigma

40 Sent for porridge - Slade (huge thank you Gina!!)

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I can't get into that one wither. There seems to be so much there.


Headgear for woman on loan pending sale -


Hat, crown, helmet, topper, cap, tiara


'woman' could be a girl's name


can't get anywhere with on loan or pending sale

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LSH has just phoned me to say thank you to Ginette, Gina and Debs for their help on this. He can now get on with his work :lol::lol::lol: !


Thanks, ladies :wink: .


Always a pleasure! We love quizzes! When's the next one? :wink:

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Have you tried these, Ginette - Megaquizzes They are downloadable and drive me mad!! I love the "Invisibles" round where they've removed the flesh from film scenes and you have to guess the film! Excellent fun!!




that's a fantastic site, Kate - I've not seen that before - thanks!! That will be really useful for the 1001 christmas & new year parties I have to organise..



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Trouble is, you spend so much time sitting there scratching your head and saying "ooooh I KNOW that one" that you get absolutely nothing whatsoever done :wink: !! My brother (bless him!!) sent me the link a few years ago when there were only 5 or 6 quizzes but they've gone on to produce no end more!! Have fun :lol: !!

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That's a good idea Sheila. :D:!::idea:8)


Trouble is, it doesn't help much when I can only tick off things I'm just adding to my list. :(


Still, I think I've finished writing and addressing cards today :) and I've wrapped up most of the parcels. :D Good thing as it's last posting day for parcels tomorrow! :shock:

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