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Layers mash with Bokashi?

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Has anyone tried layers mash with Bokashi bran mixed in - it has Ems (can't remember what they stand for - but basically good bacteria) and neutralises the chicken poo so that it can be used straight away as compost and does not trash the garden so much. I am thinking of having a go with it as I love the idea of being able to take my chicken compost and use it on my veggie patch atraight away. I am saving for a bokashi compost bin thing - my mum has one and gets good compost as well as some foul smelling liquid that can be used for cleaning drains or diluted as plant food - scary hey!

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I have one of those Bokashi composting systems, and yes that liquid STINKS!!! I also bought a huge bag of the Em powered bran, the stuff you need to make it all work. I mix a bit of this with my regular layers pellets, I think you need 5% of the weight of the pellets, and my girls eat this. It stops the droppings trya smelling so strongly too - always a bonus!

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That's all true!


The lads at Omlet recommended it to me for mixing with the feed and also for putting in the poo tray as it neutralises odours and starts breaking down the waste. I also mix it with the bunny feed and put some on my wormery - seems to work fine.


You can read up about its benefits on the Wiggly Wigglers site.

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