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Down on the farm

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Ollie and I have just had the best morning. We went over to see the chicks on my farmer friend's little farm and had a great time. They have about 8 acres and hundreds of hens - mostly RIR type hybrids for egg laying plus their own Brahmas, Marans, Araucanas and Silkies. The chicks hatched out a fortnight ago but we weren't able to go over then to see them in the incubator because we had visitors arrive suddenly. We'll go next time instead. We helped move the chicks to new grass - one managed to get out of the little coop and Ollie caught it and looked after it while we finished the moving - it was a lovely little Araucana and cheeped as he held it - lucky boy! We then went up to see the bigger Brahma chicks. You could just about tell which were males and which were females. They all had lovely feathery legs! They share their pasture with the sheep and need penning in to prevent the sheep from eating their food so we helped to move the fencing on so that they had fresh grass and Ollie helped drive the digger when the hen houses were moved too!! In the big barn, the broody hens were sitting on their eggs. A lovely black Silkie had some baby chicks under her - we could hear them peeping away from under her wing. We then went off to see the sheep - very plump, woolly ladies and one very grand chap! It's a lovely little farm and I'm deeply envious of them and the peaceful surroundings, space and beautiful farmhouse they've just finished building. Funnily enough, they don't fancy swapping with us!!


What a smashing morning. Can't wait to go back again!

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That sounds like a great morning out Kate I wish I could have joined you I love seeing all the baby chicks, and what a lucky boy Ollie was to drive the digger and hold the lovely chick......... :lol: I bet he was beaming from ear to ear. The farm or small holding sounds like just the place a lot of us are dreaming of...........Emily is getting on so well with her riding she is now begging her dad for a pony, it would be lovely to have enough land to ride on and keep more chickens of course.

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