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is it broody

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My Audrey (gingernut ) went broody late end of 2006. I also thought its too cold for this behaviour, but she wasn't right for nearly 6 weeks in total!

What I did was let the chooks out in the morning and left her on the nest with a pot of water and pellets on the roosting bars with the eglu door shut - so she could feed from the nest at first. I then opened the eglu door and gently lifted her off the nest - she was very placid & soppy! She didn't move much in the run & one night stayed out in the run all night, which was a bit worrying! After that I lifted her out of the eglu with the others in the morning and shut the eglu door so as she couldn't go back in. When I saw one of the others squawking loudidly and pecking at the door, I'd let them in to lay, hoping that Audrey wouldn't shoot in - she often did! :roll:

I had a few eggs laid on the roosting bars from the other 2 chooks!

After a few weeks she came out herself, but waddled everywhere, like she had a broken leg or wing, very distressing to watch! Then one day she just snapped out of it - ages after like, but thank god!

But then she went through a terrible moult! ~I kept her perky with poultry drink in her water, poultry spice mixed in with the pellets and....MEAL WORMS! The others loved those too!

I really wanted her back in lay & found soft shell eggs in the poo tray each morning! So I was worried about her not eating her grit. I soon solved this and tricked her by offering her a piece of toast & marmite sprinkled heavily with grit, that clung to the sticky marmite! Wonderbar! I got a quail sized egg but with a perfect shell!!!! Have had quail sized eggs since - but I know they will get better & bigger soon! The other 2 hens are laying absolute whoppers now!!!!!! :D

Hope this reassures you about your hens broodiness as I was well & truly worried about Audrey, but now she's one of the gals again!


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