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Hen Hilton Hotel

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Well hubby is well and truly underway with the erection of the 'Hen Hilton Hotel' it's fab. Will post some pictures once it's finished. Just one question: Is it necessary to bury broken glass (to discourage rats) and welded mesh (to discourage Mr Fox). The run has been laid/edged on paving slabs. A bloke at work said that it should be done this way. Has anybody else done this with the glass?

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Burying glass in the garden sounds like a poor plan - just think about next time anyone needs to work in the area.


For fox protection,have you thought about working from the Eglu run design: a wire skirt lying flat on the ground works as well as a buried piece of wire, and is much less effort.




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Welded mesh is one of the few things for keeping foxes at bay - but as for the glass :? sounds a bit dodgy for me I think - the best thing to keep rats at bay is to make sure there is no food mess left on the floor over night - although I've never had a problem (fingers crossed) so don't bother :oops:


Have a look at a few older threads - there are quite a few on fox and rat deterrents


Good luck...

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