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Guilty confession. . .

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Got the cooking bug on my day off, so I tried the custard tart recipe on the Clarence Court website (the one that does that chicken webcam thing).


Not a big fan of puff pastry, so used shortcrust pastry (ready made, too lazy :oops: ) but I did pick up cream from the local dairy :) Nowhere near the variety of cream available in the UK :( , so this was the best I could do - its like a pretty good single cream.


Used to making egg custard with vanilla, so was unsure how the saffron would do. OMG!!!!!!! it was divine!!! :drool::D

I had 2 pastry cases, baked blind, ready to go in the oven, but only filled 1 of them . . .


. . . sat & ate the custard straight from the saucepan with the wooden spoon! :oops::oops::drool: Absolutely heavenly! Glad no one else was home to see me! :roll:


I had doubled the recipe anyway, so it all worked out :) used 16!!! egg yolks!!! had to make meringues with the leftover whites & store them in cake tins.

Anyone got any good tips for keeping the crisp meringues from going soft in storage?


Here is the link to the recipe if you are interested;



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