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Lessons from Geese

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I have been on a boring training course today :roll: , but the highlight was a 3 minute dvd entitled 'Lessons from Geese' produced by Saatchi and Saatchi as a motivational and team building film. I was particularly struck by the music, which none of the management could identify :? .


I have tried to find a preview online, or even full credits, but to no avail (probably because it is training material?).


Anyone seen this clip of film and recognise the music?

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the music was probably "Groovin with Mr Bloe" (1960s???)


is that the thing about flying geese changing places - so they share the wind drag - and if one drops down two others go with it until it is safe or dead etc...?



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Sorry, I was too quick to ask for help on this one :oops: I found a site which shows the training material and mentions the song, Groovin with Mr Bloe, by Mr Bloe.


Yes Egluntine, the wording is the same, and Phil has the tune, I believe the speech where all this comes from was first made in the early 90's and it is quite famous as far as training material goes.


The message is a good one until you realise that geese also s**t everywhere as well!


Here's a link: http://www.lessonsfromtheworld.com/ click on the word geese at the bottom of the page.

Here's a link to the music: http://www.last.fm/music/Mr.+Bloe This song is on a 3 disc compilation album called True Seventies.


Now anyone in Birmingham in the next few weeks may be treated to the sight of 420 civil servants 'flying' in V formation around the streets to the strains of Groovin with Mr Bloe, honking as we go :shock::roll:


Thanks for your help guys (honk honk)!

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