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Does everyone come here when at work and on their lunch break? Always seems to be quite a few people here this time of the day.

I am on my last day of a two weeks break, back to work tomorrow and no access to a computer!

No Omlet forum until the evening! (children will be banned from the computer or else I end up getting the graveyard shift at 10pm).

Work sure does get in the way of things.



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Yes, work does cause problems doesn't it! I'm with you on that one Ali :D


I think some of us are teachers and are around more at this time of year, some work from home, and other have access at work, so I think a good mixture there.


You'll not be alone in reduced forum-ing though - term starts for me soon, and although I am only part-time, things do get busier and you have less time to do the other things that you need/want to do - like the housework - UGH :?

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