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Fox warning

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I am sad to see that more hens have been hurt by a fox.


I have never seen so many foxes as I have recently (in broad daylight, in my garden, and on one occasion two at a time). Many people in all parts of Oxford are saying that they have a fox in their garden for the first time. The situation in cities is getting very worrying for those who have outdoor pets.


The leaflet Living with Urban Foxes calmly states that 8% of pets kept in runs in urban gardens are killed by foxes every year: I call this "Dying with Urban Foxes"!


This is really just a warning to everyone to be on their guard. If mother foxes have followed the rules, they will have mated in January, and their cubs will be born in March. They will then be very, very hungry and sometimes desperate.


I don't want to be alarmist, but no one ever sees a fox in their garden until it comes for the first time, and they are very quick and nasty. Don't assume that you are immune: there are a lot of sad tales on this forum.

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