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Chickens stopped laying

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Hi there,


Both of our chickens pretty much stopped laying eggs last summer (probably had less than a dozen eggs in 8 months) and they don't look like starting again either.


They are both well looked after. Their run is cleaned regularly, they have fresh food and water everyday (including specially bought salad and sweetcorn!)


We also now have a second child on the way and I am beginning to wonder whether I will have enough time to devote to them any longer.


Can anyone give me any advice as to either get the chickens to start laying again or recommend a good new home for them?



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Hi Maxjam


Sorry to hear of your lack of eggs! Have you tried just feeding them pellets or mash? As it contains everything they need to produce eggs. Extra treats should only be given late in the day, so they fill up on pellets/mash all day.

Ours get pellets all day, then a couple of hours before bedtime, i mix pellets with hot water and add chopped courgette and sweetcorn. They really look forward to it! But it is mainly pellets.


Try giving them no treats for a few days and see what happens.


As for rehoming them, whereabouts are you? I have never used it, but the practicalpoultry website might be a good place to find a home for them




All the best whatever you decide.

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