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Will the Hemcore eventually work its magic?

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we put a thick layer of woodshavings/chippings under the hemcore/aubiose layer and have had no problem with wet/floods and we've had a lot of rain too.


It could be that you need to add more hemcore, but we find the woodshaving/chip soaks up the wet and doesnt affect the hemcore layer. :)


we change the bottom layer of wood shavings once a month and the top layer of hemcore once a week.


I have a clear shower curtain over the run, with the summer and winter shade over the top of that !!


I think its just unfortunate we have had buckets full of rain lately, I hope your flood resides soon :wink:

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I have a clear tarpaulin over the whole run so not much rain gets in anyway.


I usually put the Aubiose(hemcore) about 2 inches deep but then the girls kick it all up the back end of the run so they end up leg deep wading through it one end and scratching around on bare concrete the other. :roll:

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