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Baby Bunnies not using our run yet???

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Can anyone help me? I have two gorgeous new little girls and they came home to thier beautiful new Rablu yesterday. The temperature has really dropped today. I closed the door last night overnight, however they still have not ventured out in to the run(at all). They seem to be eating and I caught them lying in the sun that was shining in through the door. Are they perhaps still settling and will take their time to venture out?


I have only got the summer sun shade on the run at the moment (this is all I have at this time) and as they are still only 8 weeks old I have them on our patio.


I don't intend to always keep the door shut, but is it wise to shut it at night while they are so young and considering it has suddenly turned cold?

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Hi there! welcome to the forum, I think its wise to keep them in at night while they are still young. As long as they are eating and drinking, and there poos are not runny I would'nt worry about them not going out yet, its been very windy and bitterly cold so I don't blame them :) if you open the door every morning they at least have the choice.Mine won't go in their rablu, only to eat, but they are older bunnies :) just give them loads and loads of hay to snuggle into and nibble on they will be fine! let us know how you get on.

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They sound lovely :D


When you first get bunnies, especially if they are still little, it's best to restrict the area they have access to for a couple of days until they settle down (much as you would for a new kitten or puppy). Then let them use a wider area after a while.


They'll get used to it and will be scampering around soon.


You may find that most bunnies don't like being shut in at night - they are very active at night and tend to sleep in the middle of the day, unlike guineas, who like to have a bed to go to sleep in at night.

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