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Concerned about Audrey!

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Hi everyone!

I am a bit concerned about my Audrey. On Saturday night the chooks would not go to bed, so I thought ' you little monkeys' - you'll have to have your eglu door open all night! They were stil parading round at midnight. All was fine - yesterday they went bed early ' Over tired ' , so they were shut in last night.

This morning, they have been out in the run playing, scratching, running around, eating their pellets etc. But Audrey, although she is eating & drinking & has had some salad & is still laying she started sneezing a bit yesterday & today she is breathing through her beak. She keeps sticking her head out a bit and her beak opens a little. She is not gasping for breath, but I am concerned! Has she got a cold? Comb & wattles bright red - fully louse powdered on Friday as well as the eglu stripped down fully and cleaned - so no lice / mites / hygiene problems. Wonder if she caught a chill with the change in weather or by staying out all night. Have put some poultry drink in their water ( just ) & asked hubby to buy some citricidal. Does anyone know what might be wrong with her?


Thanks - Emma. x

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don't mean to sound rude, but what's gaping? Can they catch worms in a run? Iv'e got the girls on concrete and on easy bed & I don't let them have any worms - could they still get them? I've heard of gapeworm - sisters hubby to be is a farmer and says that if they have it, they make a gurgling noise in their throats? :shock:


Thanks Emma. x

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