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Iv added pictures

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8) What beautiful pics of adorable rabbits! I'm sure the children love them, I'd better not let Esther see. :wink:

Although, seeing the Rabbitlu in action, I'd love one for guinea pigs, but I keep promising OH, no more guineas after this one :roll:

Well done showing it all off so well, I'm off to bed to count bunnies.

Welcome to the forum, look forward to hearing more about them. :D

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thnks for the reply sheila.


my dh is fed up of me also, i staerted off with just Barney (lop) 6 weeks ago, but after a week i felt sorry for him and got him Scooby (dutch) for a play mate....then on friday just gone (we got rabu wed) i decided to get another rabbit...after all the rabu is suitable for upto 3 meium rabbits hehe...


ivhad to promise dh no more rabbits now...well i sort of promised, were hoping (both dh and i) to start fostering them from hopefully next summer. we need to build a big run etc first...we will be getting another rabu (even tho at first i really ddnt like the rabu, it is growing on me) i dont know how i ever managed with a horrid smelly utch for those 6 weeks now lol. we may even get another 2 rabu's.


iv always loved my animals. but when my 2 human animals came along they halted things...(ds has sevear behavoral problems, yet with the rabbits hes great, they calm him down, he sits in the run on the rabu and they come and play with him...we would never ever belive this would happen with our son). we were thinking of starting a rabbit sanctuary...theres to many needing homes. but it would simply cost far to much an we dont hae that kind of cash...but fostering, we'donly have the inital lay out, and supplys to pay for, as with fostering, the rescue centre pay any vert bils. we would be doing long term fostering (as witht he kids i think it be hard for them to see them on week gone say a few weekslater) long term usualy means till they arein heaven, usualy older rabbits, notso pritty rabbits and porly rabbits....but they still need love, which is what we will do.

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