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Feather plucking beasts

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We got 3 new chooks a few months ago to go with our existing 3. From the start sprout and edna (2 of the new girls) started plucking all of the others and poor florence (the other new lovely ginger one) got the worst of it. She's lost all bum and leg feathers and they're working their way up her back :( she's the sweetest nicest chicken in the world and it's horrible to see. We tried every type of anti-peck spray we could find and even tried anti-peck rings which to us just seemed cruel as they were so miserable so we took them off.


Sprout and edna are going back to where we got them from next week and we are exchaning them for two others - hopefully nice ginger ones like flossie (florence). It seems to be the white chickens that are the most aggressive - has anyone else found this or are we just unlucky? We're now going to have to go through introducing 2 new hens all over again :roll:

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What a shame. It probably depends on the individual chicken.

We've only had 1 feather plucker out of 6, our Rhode Island Red who pulled out all but 3 of our new Welsummer's tail feathers in her first 2-3 days :(

Luckily the older 2 kept her in line and she gave up on poor Megan.

My point was :oops: our white(ish) amber stars didn't pull feathers, weren't aggressive and Trinny and Susannah RAN in terror from Beth when we introduced her. Trinny is head chicken now but not agressive, she chases or pecks gently to keep the others in line.

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