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Softgrain flour in breadmaker

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Does anyone successfully use the softgrain flour (ie white flour with some wholegrains added) in their breadmaker? Do I use the Basic setting (as for all white strong flour) or the Wholemeal setting? :?



Help!! :lol:


Sue x

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Hi Sue,


A quick google reveals that white softgrain flour should be baked the same way as ordinary strong white flour; i.e. on the Basic programme, not the wholewheat (or meal - whichever one it is - can never remember).


We've been using the famous Panasonic breadmaker since we moved in October and haven't bought a loaf since. And only two disasters: one when we forgot to put the paddle back and one when we forgot to add the water.

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Thanks very much Richard!


My own prowess at using t'internet is fabled in our family - I spent half an hour searching for the answer to this question the other night, to no avail! :oops:


Very grateful for the reply, would offer to send you a slice but you've got one - hooray! 8):lol:


Clare - sounds yummy! :D


Sue x

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