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Noisy campbell

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I have three ducks, all aged about 10 1/2 months. One male white Indian Runner, one female white Indian Runner and a female Khaki Campbell.


Something strange is happening lately.


They had been producing eggs at the rate of about one per lady duck every 36 hours or so, but now no eggs at all since 19th March.


We have had a cold snap, but that ended 5 days ago.


I haven't changed their food, their water or their habitat.


They live alone in a 6 hen coup with plenty of standing and nesting space, they are locked away at night. They are surrounded by a chicken wire fence with wood chip ground. No other pets outside (dog rarely sees them but even when he does he is seen off by the male)


They make an awful and very annoying mess with their water but even when they spill it it collects in deep enough puddles on clean surfaces (concrete slabs) for them to drink from , so they are never without water.


Even though they are not laying, they are getting more and more greedy.


Previously they had been given about a large cup of mixed chicken pellets and corn. They are sometimes fed s"Ooops, word censored!"s and bread but nothing that is a health risk.


Now they seem to be going through two large cups a day, yet their size hasn't changed.


Their behaviour hasn't really changed, the male is a lot more amourous than before :shock: , but I still don't think either of the females have co-operated yet.


The worst thing is that the Khaki campbell makes an awful racket lately. She's never been the quiet type, but in the past she only quacked if they were frightened, or needed food or water. Now she quackes loudly in a "WAAAAAAK WAAK WAK WAK WAK" style every minute or so for whole periods for no reason. I double check their food, water and lodgings but it is all okay. No cats in the garden, no wild birds overhead to upset them. She is getting passed the amusing stage now and onto the potential to upset the neighbours stage.


Any ideas why this has occured - she is fast becoming a real pain in the tail feather........ :?

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:? I don't know anything about ducks, but I've only seen food disappear with hens for 3 reasons; Firstly, as Lesley said, due to moulting, or maybe coming into lay.

Secondly, if they have worms (is this a problem with ducks or not? :? )


Thirdly, if there are rats getting at the food. That is the first thing I'd check & triple check, is it a possibility, they only need a small space. This could also account for egg loss or lack of laying.


Oh, unless they are just about to go broody?

Um, I'm out of my depth, but hope it gives you some directions to think of.

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